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Book Nurse Escort Services in Australia now for expert care and support for your well-being. Our experienced nurses provide reliable and compassionate assistance for those in need, ensuring you receive the best possible care. Contact us today to learn more.

Advance Care Agency specializes in providing Nurse Escort Services which are frequently used by families and organizations. This service offers comfort and assurance to clients who find it challenging to go out alone and is particularly useful for attending medical appointments, social events, weddings, anniversaries, and funerals. Our clients include individuals, families, aged care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and disability centers.

Our expertise lies in providing Nurse Escort Services, which are highly sought-after by organizations and families. For some individuals, going out alone can be confusing and challenging, and that’s where our service comes in. Nurse Escort is ideal for anyone who prefers not to go out alone or requires additional assistance when attending medical appointments, shopping, or social engagements. By providing professionally trained male and female nurse escorts, we eliminate any limitations that may have hindered our clients in the past and bring them comfort and confidence. 

At Advance Care Agency, tending to the client’s needs is our utmost priority, and we assure the client and their families that they are in safe and caring hands. Our service is designed for individuals facing physical, mental, or social challenges preventing them from attending appointments or activities. We cater to many individuals who are immobile or require assistance with daily living.

Nurse escort can be considered for the following cases when required:  

  • Old and fair individuals 
  • Elderly Companion  
  • Hearing or visual impaired individuals 
  • A person with disability  
  • Individual with dementia related illness 
  • Individuals with anxiety 
  • Travel escort for local, interstate or international trips

Nurses who are considered as nurse escort are:

  • Qualified staff with certificate III or IV in aged care or disability  
  • Staff who have correct police clearance  
  • Staff with current attitude ana maturity 
  • Staff with experience and sense of responsibility 
  • Staff with great communication skills 

With access to 24-hour assistance, you can be rest assured you're taken care of.

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