Development Life Skills

Advanced Care will help you with day-to-day activities and life skills. Our team understands your goals and works with you to provide you with the support you need to achieve them while building confidence and independence in you and your family

Development Life Skills in Australia 

Advanced Care will work with you to learn a skill that is unique to you. As well as improving your communication skills, we help you live independently. Our goal is to assist you, your family, or your carer in navigating all the challenges you face in your daily life and providing strategies that help you cope.

As people who have worked within the disability and community sectors for many years, we’ve observed and appreciated the difficulty of tackling everyday tasks and activities by people with disabilities. Among the life skills we can train and develop are:

  • In particular, personal hygiene encompasses showering, toileting, and grooming 
  • Buying groceries, preparing a healthy meal, and shopping for groceries are all part of nutrition 
  • Housework, laundry, and fixing maintenance or repair issues in your home to keep it clean 
  • Communication with service providers in different channels. 
  • How to plan a journey, use public transportation, and troubleshoot problems associated with travel and transport. 

Development Life Skills Services, Advance Care

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Developing daily living skills and life skills focuses on helping the participant or caregiver become more independent. It includes supports that will improve the participant’s ability to travel alone, use public transport independently, maintain personal hygiene regularly, and do other activities. Skills for dealing with life’s challenges and demands include adapting and behaving positively.

Our training can be provided via individual sessions or group activities and can cover daily life skills, communication, social interaction, problem-solving, and managing the funding of supports.

Through a wide range of training and development activities, we assist participants in managing their daily life challenges by building their capacity to tackle them head-on through developing their knowledge, skills, and networks.

FAQ for the Development Life Skills Service

During training sessions, provide appropriate prompting. Properly apply reinforcers. Utilize incidental opportunities for learning appropriately. Communicate using proper techniques and devices.
Students with special needs should be taught the importance of a well-balanced diet, exercise, and good eating habits. Provide the necessary support for students to practice personal hygiene habits regularly.
Sociable people possess social skills that enable them to interact with others and contribute to society. Self-awareness involves being able to identify emotions and needs and how to deal with stress. The social responsibility of respecting others, obeying instructions, demonstrating appropriate behaviour, and demonstrating appropriate behaviour towards others.
The concept of adaptive skills refers to the practical, everyday skills required to function in our daily lives and meet the demands of our environments, such as how to take care of ourselves effectively and independently and how to interact with others.

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