Short Term Accommodation

NDIS participants and their carers can stay in short term accommodation (STA) to take a break from their daily routine. In addition to learning new things, participants can build new skills while caregivers get a break.

Searching for a quick break from the NDIS care?  

Short term accommodation provides support and accommodations for a short period. This coverage covers the cost of care outside your home for up to 14 days at a time. You may stay alone or with others for a short period. It’s usually funded when you don’t have access to your usual carers or to try something new.

Accommodations are only one part of STA.

In addition, your provider will be responsible for the cost of your care, food, and activities.

Support from STA can significantly increase your independence or help you learn new skills.

As well as providing you and your caregivers with a well-deserved break from one another (everyone needs a break from time to time). You may be able to use it if your usual carers are unavailable or for new experiences.

Short term accommodation (STA) in Australia 

Our NDIS Support Coordinators and participants work together to determine your specific needs for STA. 

NDIS participants are guided to the most suitable accommodation based on their specific requirements. 

The range of accommodations we suggest is based on your personal preferences, geographic location, and plan goals. Accommodations are supported through STA funding for participants who: 

  • A respite stay from your informal supports 
  • An opportunity to try something new away from home 
  • Short term accommodation for a medical or allied health appointment 
  • An informal support network can provide you with respite accommodation 

Short term accommodation (STA) in your NDIS plan

It is important to remember that short term accommodations are not likely to need funding in your plan. The support you receive through your Core budget can help you achieve your goals, including Short Term Accommodation.

We can coordinate together with the Local Area Coordinator to plan the Short Term Accommodation (STA). 

We can also review the plan as per your changed situation. 

Remember, Short Term Accommodations cannot be used for the housing crisis but can be used for support areas that are directly related to your disability. 

Our disability support team can help you choose the best option for meeting your needs. 

NDIS short term accommodation (STA)

STA funding under the NDIS scheme

The NDIS covers short term accommodation and assistance under the ‘Assistance with Daily Living‘ (Category 1).  

Basic expenses associated with the service covered by STA funding include: 

  • Accommodation at a suitable facility 
  • Support and care (including overnight) 
  • Meal preparation 
  • Community activities between you and the provider 
  • Short Term Accommodation is usually funded by NDIS for up to 28 days each year. STA days can be used flexibly. 
  • If you need any particular level of support, you will be able to receive a certain amount of funding. 

If your disability requires individual support, funding is available for both group share and individual share; you can avail it according to your requirements. 

Choosing Short term accommodation (STA) with Advanced Care 

Advance care provides: 

  • Participants’ core funding. 
  • A supportive and safe environment away from home. 
  • Access to staff throughout their stay.  

Whether you’re looking for a short break each month, an overnight stay, or a few hours break each week; we offer flexible short term accommodation arrangements. 

For guests staying at our homes, we prepare fresh evening meals and lunches.  

Some of our activities are social, recreational, and leisure-oriented, which help participants be included in the community and can help them achieve their goals.

When you find yourself in need of temporary living arrangements away from home for a short period, Short Term Accommodation, including respite care, offers the support you require. Experience the convenience and assistance provided during this time through our specialized services.

FAQ Short Term Accommodation (STA)

The Short Term Accommodation and Assistance (STA) program is an NDIS support that previously had the name respite. Through STA service, we support people with disabilities to stay away from their regular homes for short periods, along with planned respite for caregivers.

Core Support covers your stay at STA, including any activities the facility offers.

A short term accommodation includes all reasonable expenses for 24 hours, including daily personal activities, housing, food, and other things. Accommodation packages for short-term stays are usually limited to 14 days.

We offer a wide range of home services, including (but not limited to): 

  • Household chore assistance 
  • A cleaning service 
  • Assistance with gardening 
  • Assistance with personal care  
  • Transport and travel assistance  
  • Social and community engagement assistance 
  • Programs for personal fitness and exercise  

An individual short-term care program pairs you up with a support worker for a predetermined period.

The benefits of group respite options are that you can meet other people with similar interests and needs and benefit from being able to participate in a group activity with others.

Support is provided at short-term accommodations where your needs and interests align.

Often, STA services are provided in a group setting, but some organizations offer STA as an addition to home care services. There may be times when the provider books an apartment in a hotel. 

Besides providing accommodation, STA also includes providing support during your stay. 

Achieving one of your goals outlined in your NDIS Plan is a requirement for the NDIS to fund STA. 

Documentation from a professional (such as an Occupational Therapist or other health professionals) along with a letter explaining why you and those who provide informal support would benefit from a break would be helpful.

It is more likely that your plan will include Supported Independent Living if you need long-term accommodation or at-home support.

Short term absences from home can help you: 

  • Create new friendships and meet new people. 
  • Get involved in new activities. 
  • Take a break from your daily routine. 
  • Experiment with new things. 
  • Spend time relaxing and recharging. 
  • Enhance independence. 

With access to 24-hour assistance, you can be rest assured you're taken care of.

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