Assist-Life Stage, Transitions

A transition between stages can be difficult for anyone, and if you have a disability, it can be even more difficult. Advanced Care specializes in support of NDIS participants throughout life stage transitions.

Assist Life Stage Transition, NDIS Australia  

Support participants, so they are more aware of the purpose of the funded supports and more capable of participating in their communities by strengthening their connection with broader systems of supports.

Assisting in the management of ongoing support and answering questions as they arise, Advanced Care will help a participant understand the plan.

Advanced Care short-term and long-term support focuses on living at home, participating in your community, and coordinating your support. Services include:

  • Getting in touch with the support 
  • To coordinate services 
  • Concerning housing and tenancy obligations 
  • Relating to mentoring, peer support, and development of skill sets 
  • Regarding decision making, daily planning, and budgeting 

Assist Life Stage Transition, Advance Care

Getting a new job or entering the workforce is one of the most common life transitions. Our highly professional and supportive team will assist you in gaining employment while you’re on the NDIS. 

ndis assist life stage

Getting you to an interview can be as simple as improving skills to help you find a job and even getting you to an interview. You can work with us to identify your skill strengths and weaknesses, and we will help you set up a plan to improve them. 

Participants can contact us for assistance with: 

  • Strengthening capacities 
  • Developing independent living skills and self-care capabilities 
  • Resolving conflicts and crises 
  • Mentoring in financial matters 
  • Budgeting and daily planning 
  • Help clients formulate supportive networks in their community 
  • Referrals to other community-based programs and  services 
  • Related to goal setting and life planning 
  • Assist with locating housing and addressing tenancy obligations 
  • Providing peer support and individual skill 
  • Development as part of life transition planning 
  • Assisting in making decisions 


FAQ for Assist Life Stage Transition

Support coordination for life stages and transitions. Enhancing a client’s community participation and support coordination is essential to the process.
Individual skill development through mentorship, peer support, and peer support. Participant skills can be developed when volunteer assistance is available in their home or community. Participating in social activities, keeping in touch with others, service attending appointments, shopping, and paying bills.
In addition to receiving aid from private insurance, extras coverage and Medicare referrals, Osteopathy is also eligible for government funding. Some circumstances may also qualify for financing from the DVA, workers’ compensation, and NDIS.
Once the necessary approvals have been obtained, Osteopathic home visits are covered under the NDIS.

With access to 24-hour assistance, you can be rest assured you're taken care of.

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