Community Nursing Care

Advanced care offers Community Nursing Care in Australia to find all your needs and requirements met. Nursing services provided by Advanced Care are the best available in the area for people in need of help with their clinical and personal needs.

Australia's Community Nursing Care, NDIS Australia 

Nurses with expertise in community health are available to address the support needs of people who have complex medical requirements. After registering with the NDIS, participants can receive community nursing care immediately.

Continuing to purchase these supports through Care Assure is possible if you already have community nursing care NDIS in your plan. When your plan does not include nursing services for disability-related health issues, but you have complex individual needs, you can still access this support in one of two ways:

  • You may purchase community disability nurse support from your allocated plan budget. 
  • State health services will continue to provide your disability-related health support if the support gets transferred to the NDIS immediately. State health services will make arrangements with the NDIA to review these plans and transfer them to the National Disability Insurance Program. 

A registered community nurse will assess your clinical needs after meeting the NDIS eligibility criteria for complex support. A community nursing care NDIS program is arranged based on required nursing care type and frequency. 

Community Nursing Care, NDIS Australia 

Community nursing care at home

For people with a disability, community nursing care NDIS promotes healthy lifestyles and prevents illness.

Licensed and certified nurses will provide you with professional care in the comfort of your own home in the form of nursing and disability care services.

We are a highly skilled nursing agency ready to assist with a variety of complex needs related to personal and disability care, including:

  • Managing medications
  • Under pressure and managing complex wounds
  • Managing diabetes 
  • An overnight care 
  • The routine of monitoring blood pressure, temperature, pulse and
  • glucose levels 
  • Assisting with personal care & more 

Frequently Asked Questions for Community Nursing Care

Community nurses play an essential role 

  • Providing primary care – such as checking the temperature and blood pressure. 
  • Injecting medication. 
  • Participating in medical procedures, such as checking the patient’s blood pressure. 
  • Providing wound care for patients. 
  • Establishing and monitoring intravenous drips. 

Nursing in Community Health: What Is It? 

  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Avoid diseases and health problems. 
  • Take care of the patient directly. 
  • Promote healthy living in the community by educating the population. 
  • Analyse the health care system of a community. 
  • Develop programs for healthy living. 
There are no NDIS funds for medication, general medical and dental treatment, specialist services, hospitalisation, surgery or rehabilitation

With access to 24-hour assistance, you can be rest assured you're taken care of.

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