Accommodation / Tenancy

Accommodation and Tenancy NDIS services include assessment, individual case planning, one-on-one consultations, capacity building assistance and liaising with service providers to help you achieve your housing goals.

Accommodation And Tenancy NDIS Australia  

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The Accommodation / Tenancy workshop also aims to help you find suitable rental accommodation or determine whether it would help if you undertook tenancy obligations based on your tenancy agreement and needs. 

The workshop aims to assist NDIS participants in finding or retaining appropriate and safe accommodation. 

Participants in advanced care receive one-on-one support to help them meet their objectives regarding accommodation and tenancy. 

For example, advanced care can assist participants in overcoming barriers to retaining their current tenancy or aid participants in finding alternative housing.

Accommodation/Tenancy, Advance Care

disability accommodation services - Advance Care Agency

Participants can benefit from advanced care by receiving one-on-one assistance in meeting their specific tenancy and housing goals, including overcoming barriers that affect their residence or exploring and obtaining alternative housing.

  • Developing housing goals with clients 
  • Identify barriers to maintaining at-risk tenancies in collaboration with DHHS, agents, and proprietors 
  • Identifying and implementing strategies to retain current tenants 
  • Finding alternative housing options 
  • Assisting in the application process for private rentals 
  • Assisting in the process of DHHS rental applications 
  • Providing support for the participants in obtaining DHHS bond loans 
  • Providing budgeting assistance 
  • Coordinating Utility Relief Grant applications and communicating with utility providers 
  • Towards independent housing with sustainable practices



FAQ for the Accommodation/ Tenancy

NDIS participants are most likely to receive funding for accommodation under the NDIS disability accommodation specialists. Most NDIS recipients are also not entitled to the financing for rent or any other day-to-day cost, such as telephone or internet service.

Participants can make modifications to their own homes or private rental properties and alterations in their social housing on a case-by-case basis. Assistive technologies such as assistive showers and dressing aids.

With access to 24-hour assistance, you can be rest assured you're taken care of.

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