Dementia Care

Caring for someone who has dementia can be difficult and stressful. However, with the right support, it can be rewarding and frequently satisfying. Advance Care Agency services are tailored to your and your family’s specific needs. Our adaptable services are designed to complement your preferred way of life, allowing you to focus on the important things in your life.

Residential Dementia Care, Advance Care

Finding alternative care for a person with dementia can be one of the most difficult decisions a caregiver will face. Careful planning and assistance from family, friends, or caregiver support services can make the transition less stressful.

When a person with dementia requires 24 hour care and supervision than can be provided at home, residential care may become necessary. Our assisted living facilities can provide adequate support in the early stages of dementia and are better suited for people who can no longer live safely at home.

We provide information and advice to caregivers about their caring role, as well as relevant caregiver services and entitlements. When a person with dementia enters residential care, the role of the caregiver changes because there are new issues to deal with.

Dementia Support Groups Activities, Sydney

Social support programs: Staying active and social can help your skills and memory if you have dementia. It can also help you improve your self-esteem, sleep, and overall health. Participating in our social support programs can also provide respite to caregivers. 

Support for families and carers: Advance care can assist you with the following services: 

  • assist the individual in living well at home for as long as possible 
  • encourage the individual to continue with their hobbies, activities, and interests 
  • learn about dementia so that you can better manage changes 

To maintain your health and well-being, take advantage of support services and programs. 

Counseling support: Everyone’s experience with dementia is unique. Individuals, couples, and families can benefit from counseling to gain a better understanding of the impact of dementia, develop strategies to respond to feelings of stress or mixed emotions, and plan for the future by setting goals and seeking referrals for practise support. 

Programs to keep your mind active: If you have dementia, it’s important to keep your mind active to maintain health and well-being. You can exercise your mind by doing things you find challenging or trying new activities. Our programs help you extend your capabilities, practise your skills, engage with your community, and make new friends at the same time.

dementia care services

Connecting Peers: If you are impacted by dementia and want to talk with someone who understands, Advance care has a program to support you. Anyone living with dementia or caring for someone who is is welcome to participate in our Connecting Peers programme. All you need is a phone or internet connectivity. 

Palliative care for people with dementia: If you live with or care for someone who has dementia, you may benefit from individualised, nurse-led support. You will be given expert advice as well as clinical and emotional support. 

Café-style support programs: If you enjoy talking to others who are also affected by dementia, you might like to sign up for our café support programs. These programs give people caring for someone with dementia an opportunity to connect over coffee in casual setting. 

Support Services from our Dementia Care Specialist

You will encounter professionals in a variety of settings, including hospitals and your own home. Some will be NHS employees, such as doctors and nurses. Others will be “allied” healthcare specialists, like dentists. 

You may also receive assistance from social care professionals which can be arranged through your local government. 

Get 24 hour dementia care at home from our highly experienced health professionals.


Residential care entails someone leaving their home and belongings to live in a facility that provides round-the-clock care. Residential arrangements can range from having the freedom to come and go as you please to being more custodial, with residents protected from any potential safeguarding event. 

We understand the difficulty of caring for someone with dementia, and our years of experience assisting families to cope with the situation at home means that we can offer expertise when it comes to providing care and support for someone with dementia. We’ve also created an accredited dementia training programme to ensure that our caregivers are properly trained to care for those living with dementia. 

Advance Care offers low-cost dementia residential care and assisted care to Australia’s most needed citizens. When you choose Advance Care, you are selecting a residential care provider whose foundations are built on personable, expert carer support services that are affordable. We’ll have something that works for you with our flexible carer services packages, regardless of how general or specific your needs are. 

At Advance Care, we provide a variety of solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your needs, no matter how general or specific they are. Among our most frequently requested services are: 

Assisted living 

Personal care 

Nursing care 

Meal preparation 

Respite care 

Home maintenance 


Carer support 

Specialist therapies 

Absolutely. Our respite service is designed to give you the help you need when you need it the most. We’ll step in when needed, whether for work or for some much-needed respite, so you can free up your time. 

With access to 24-hour assistance, you can be rest assured you're taken care of.

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