Assist Access Maintain Employee

Each individual must find a good, suitable, and long-term job. You can get assistance through the NDIS. The program can help people with disabilities get and keep a job, be promoted to a better position, and develop their workplace skills.

Assist Access/Maintain Employee, NDIS Australia  

Individuals and groups who receive workplace assistance can utilize professional networks to locate and contact employers. The Assist Access/Maintain Employee program will help employees maintain their jobs after they have obtained them.

Participants who had secured a job before enrolling in the NDIS are also eligible for support. Commonwealth Quality and Safeguards apply to some forms of support (for example, the National Standards for Disability Services certification obtained through the Human Services Scheme); it ultimately depends on the jurisdiction.

NDIS can also access employment support to learn critical skills for thriving in the modern economy. These skills include resume writing and interviewing.

Furthermore, participants get aided in setting employment and career goals and achieving them. As much employer support as possible will also be encouraged in this area, with on-site training and other programs to assist employees in reaching their full potential.

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We provide the following types of support at Access/Maintain Employ:

  • Pre- and post-employment job support
  • Support in a group job preparation and
  • Supports to help school leavers find employment, enabling a smooth transition from school to the job market.
  • Supporting further education and training for NDIS participants 


Support for Assist Access/Maintain Employ includes the following professions:

  • Educator (teacher)
  • Welfare worker
  • Developmental education
  • Welfare services
  • Aboriginal workers (health)
  • Assistance to disabilities
  • Mental health professionals
  • As peer workers 

FAQ for Assist Access/Maintain Employ

Employment services, for example, offer advice and support to people with disabilities preparing for, finding, and maintaining employment. Furthermore, the employment system helps employers hire and integrate people with disabilities into the workforce. Training, support, and resources are available.
Participants who need extra assistance in pursuing their employment goals can receive the NDIS employment support.
Participating in the NDIS means you are a person with a disability. A disability enterprise is an organization that employs people with disabilities. The organization can also provide them with educational opportunities. They can also help them to learn job skills. ADEs support their employees in their daily efforts.
Participants who are employed and less independent in performing their work tasks can receive these new supports under the NDIS Core budget category.
As a Support Coordinator, I will work with you to use your service plan to assist you in reaching your goals, gaining more independence, increasing your skills, and being active in your community and the workplace. Coordination of expert support is at a higher level.

With access to 24-hour assistance, you can be rest assured you're taken care of.

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