Assist Travel / Transport

Individuals who find it difficult to travel independently without assistance receive transportation support. With the right equipment and service from Advanced Care, participants can travel independently and safely with the right equipment and support.

Assist Travel/ Transport service in Australia 

With the NDIS, you decide what services best suit your needs and goals and how those services are delivered. All of the above services get customised to suit your specific needs, and they get modified at any time.

Advanced care focuses on providing home-care services, and we are the best disability service providers in Australia. Our clients receive a complete range of services and support as a part of our integrated services and support.

All our patients are transported by Advanced Care. Understandably, families find transportation difficult when they are at the facility or returning home. Fortunately, our team can take care of these patients, and our transportation services make the transition easy for the patient.

In addition to providing transport support, we assist our clients in obtaining the equipment and assistance they need to travel independently. We also provide clients with training on using public transportation effectively to make their travels easy and comfortable. 

Advanced care is the best home care NDIS service provider in Sydney, and we always keep the client’s needs and comfort in mind.

Assuring you a safe, comfortable, and well-trained ride will be our top priority at Advanced Care transport support. You can schedule an appointment with us to benefit from our transport service, and our team will handle the rest for you. For a safe journey, we follow a structured and scheduled travel plan.

Assist Travel/Transport Service, Advance Care

NDIS services

A member of the Advanced Care team will take you to your appointment or elsewhere in the community and then bring you home. We regularly provide safe, comfortable transportation, such as weekly shopping trips or regular medical appointments. We schedule in advance, so you don’t have to worry about missing the bus.

  • Education facility or a school 
  • Work 
  • Your doctor or other medical appointments 
  • Shop at your local mall 
  • Around your neighbourhood 

We require that Police Checks and Working with Children Checks be valid for our staff, as are licenses and qualifications to operate in this industry. 

FAQ: for Travel/ Transport Service

The NDIS enhances participants’ ability to travel independently. A ndis transport support may include equipment and aids related to personal transportation or training in public transportation.

A support worker can also assist you in the community if you need a ride. … If you have to pay for additional travel costs, such as road tolls, parking costs, or public transportation tickets, you will be charged accordingly.

Social and Community Participation Assistance (e.g., to enable you to engage in social or recreational activities) supports transportation (e.g., if you cannot use public transportation).

As part of the standard claim, providers must also charge travel time. Travel time claims should be identified as the claim type. Amounts should reflect the actual amount of travel time. For example, it is possible to bill only 10 minutes for travel time.

With access to 24-hour assistance, you can be rest assured you're taken care of.

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