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Accommodation options for assisted living with disabilities are available in Seven Hills and Penrith with one-on-one assistance meeting every requirement of alternative housing. The home care supportive services for NDIS are available for:

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Let us know how Advanced Care can assist you with disability and community care service in Penrith & Seven Hills

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Adaptable with experience

Care that is individualised and focuses on the client's preferences and control while our experienced and trained support workers provide best practice assistance.

Empowering with care

Together we work to achieve goals, develop self-esteem, enhance skills, and promote independence. We develop a rapport with you for proper support and care.

Friendly approaches

As far as your support is concerned, you are the expert, while we provide you with top-notch service based on our understanding of your concerns, and circumstances.

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Supported Independent Living: What Makes It Special?

Group disability accommodations: why trust us?

With Advance Care NDIS group accommodation service, more is possible!

The group accommodation support goal is to establish independence at home, build connections with your local community, and nurture the personal growth of the elderly.

Do take advantage of our SIL scheme to live your life the way you want to for as long as you want.

Users of the Service may use it for a variety of purposes including:

ndis accommodation provider
disability care services at home

Support for SIL in the group home vacancy

Like they say home away from home! Advance care concerns about the comfort of the adults with disabilities.

All our disability support services and accommodation are approved providers of the NDIS and can be accessed with NDIS funding under the categories of Supported Independent Living (SIL).

Your stay with us will be comfortable and enjoyable in our group accommodation as Advance Care proactively offers;

We Hear From Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SIL funding does not begin until you’ve determined your eligibility and located your home and housemates. Upon completing these steps, we can assist you in submitting funding requests for approval to the NDIA.

The term specialist disability accommodation (SDA) refers to a type of housing specifically designed for people with profound impairments or extensive support needs. The accessibility features of SDA dwellings are designed to improve residents’ quality of life and improve or enhance other supports.

Once you have been determined to be eligible, we can begin finding you a new home and housemate. We must complete these actions before submitting SIL funding requests to the NDIA. The Match Makers team is here to support you in starting this process; contact them today to get started.

The housemates have been matched based on their personality and support assistance. With your housemates, you will share many life experiences and socialise together.

Various Australian states and territories jointly fund and administer the NDIS. As a result of the scheme, state and territory governments will no longer provide disability support services. Australia’s National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) administers the program.

Supports will be managed by Advance Care. It is essentially the provision of workers to help people with the daily tasks of life by a SIL provider. The goal is to develop your independence so that you can live independently.

Based on ‘reasonable & necessary supports’, the NDIA has formulated criteria for accessing SIL funding. Participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate that they cannot function without 24/7 support. An Allied Health professional identifies these through the Functional Assessment Report (FAR).
  • A support coordinator should submit an Identifying Housing Solutions report.
  • Incorporate informal support from families, carers, networks, and the community.
  • Provide participants with benefits.

The NDIS covers only support services; your SIL funding depends on how much care the resident requires. Services NOT covered by the NDIS include:

  • The rent for the house;
  • When hospitalised, expenses related to food, activities and support;
  • Assistive technology, transport costs, day programs, and work are covered by other sections of the NDIS price guide.

People with high intensity needs usually live in homes that have been specially designed (or modified). In contrast, SIL refers to the support and services that allow people to live as independently as possible.

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Accommodations for people with disabilities.

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