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Registered NDIS provider

Advance Care agency is a registered NDIS provider delivering NDIS Services in Greater Sydney Area. We are committed to providing the best possible support and services for people with disability, their families and carers. Our team of highly trained professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met.

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    As a registered NDIS service provider under National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Advance Care Agency provides several services as per the guidelines set by NDIA. One of the service is Accommodation through Supported Independent Living or generally termed as “SIL Accommodation or Group Home Accommodation”.

    Our SIL accommodation situated at Penrith (next to Nepean Hospital), Sydney, provides all required facilities as per the guidelines of NDIA. The facility is designed to provide an environment that enables people with disability and their carers to live in community settings where they can be supported by staff who are trained to work effectively within this context. Our group homes have been developed using best practice principles from around Australia and the guidelines set by the NDIS under NDIA.

    Our accommodation site in Penrith for our participants who need a Supported Independent Living features:

    • 4 bedrooms
    • Built in Wardrobes
    • Combined Kitchen and Dining Area 2 Living Areas
    • Double Garage
    • Garden Shed
    • Floorboards
    • Air Conditioning Ceiling Fans En-suite to main

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      Similarly, we are offering next SIL accommodation site in Sydney South West soon.

      7 benefits of Supported Independent Living (SIL)

      1. Increased Independence: SIL provides a way for people with disabilities to live in their communities and become more independent, while maintaining access to services that help them remain safe, healthy, productive members of society.

        By becoming more self sufficient, people feel less dependent on others. They learn to manage everyday situations better and enjoy greater freedom.

      2. Live Where You Want To Live: People who have been living independently can choose where they want to live based on what is important to them. They may be able to stay at home or move into an apartment building near family or friends.

      3. Readily Available Support: The support system available through SIL includes personal assistance from trained staff 24 hours per day; transportation service; medical care when needed; social activities like group outings, parties, movies, concerts, sporting events, religious gatherings, volunteer opportunities, shopping trips, and other community-based programs designed to enhance quality of life.

      4. Safety with Freedom: Safety comes first! When you need it most, your safety should not depend upon someone else’s availability. With SIL, you will always know if there is any change in your situation so you can take action immediately.

      5. Accessible Services: Accessibility means being able to get around safely and easily without having to rely on others. For example, many people use wheelchairs because they cannot walk long distances. Others might require special equipment to perform daily tasks.

        In addition, some individuals may experience sensory impairments which make it difficult to navigate public spaces. These challenges often limit how far one can travel alone. However, with SIL, these barriers do not exist. Your needs are met by providing accessible transportation, housing, communication devices, assistive technology, and other supports.

      6. Community Involvement: Community involvement helps build stronger relationships between residents and local businesses. It also encourages neighbors to work together to improve the overall environment. This type of interaction promotes positive feelings about our neighborhoods and increases property values.

      7. Improved Quality of Life: Supported Independent Living (SIL) gradually improves the quality of life by allowing people to maintain independence and dignity. As people gain confidence in themselves, they develop new skills and abilities. Many find this process rewarding.

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        Supported Independent Living (SIL) provides the opportunity to live independently. Sharing a home means that you share the cost of rent, allowing you to use your money for other things. You may be able to share supports like a support worker staying overnight. This allows you to get help without having to pay for it yourself.